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12 thoughts on “About”

  1. Are these plans for personal use only or may we make them to sell ?
    Thank you

    1. These plans are for commercial extended license. So you may make these plans and sell the finished product, but you may not sell the plans themselves.

  2. Hi my bed is only 700×500 are you able to alter the plans so it fits.

    1. Most of the lasercutplans.com files are already formatted to use that size machine. You will need to ask the other designers individually if they are able to edit their files for your bed, as they are the sole owners of those files.

    1. The dimensions of the Steam Train, when cut in 3mm are 82mm high, 60mm wide and 240mm long. If you double the size of the design in your software and cut it in 6mm material you double the finished size.

  3. Hi there, I’m after the X in the 3D letters – it is showing as unavailable. Is this correct?

  4. Hi

    I bought two plans but can’t open .rar file format.

    Can you please supply usable files for Illustrator and PhotoShop?

    1. Hi ilze, rar format is a compressed file. You have to open it with winrar. Do a search for winrar.

  5. Hi there, is there any way to adjust the cutting kerf on your designs? Such as the 3D alphabet and numbers? Or do I need to adjust each tab accordingly.

    1. You can double it or half it for different thicknesses but anything in between and you have to adjust it. It’s designed for 3mm material so if you want to cut 6mm you double the plan.

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